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"Leadership crisis shifts vision"


This is a story of conflict and of a singularly Lutheran and CLU resolution.

In the summer of 2007, the University suffered what could have been a crisis of leadership -we were without a president, the rumor mill was working overtime and the administration building was strangely empty and inactive.
As an employee in the President's office, it was a scary, uncertain time. The phones didn't ring, people didn't come by.

There could have been many responses to such a loss in fighting among the Cabinet, blame among the Board. Into this void stepped Howie Wennes, one time Interim President, to resume his duties. He began our first staff meeting the same day he assumed the Interim Presidency with a statement that allowed our office to begin to move past the confusion and conflict to a place where we could again be an active and contributing member of the campus community -"let's stop asking how others can serve us and start asking how we can serve them."

This question and the attitude of service it brought to the Presidency changed both the way we were able to do our jobs (which we became much better at as we got to work with our community) and the tenor of the administration. It is an attitude I have heard echoed throughout the Cabinet many times and by our new President. It allows us to be, ultimately, more than servants to each other -we are freed to be servants to the mission of the University and the students who attend CLU.



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"Leadership crisis shifts vision"

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