Academic Affairs

Academic Leadership Council

Membership of the Academic Leadership Council:
Gail Uellendahl, ART Chair
Maria Kohnke, Associate Provost of Academic Services & Registrar
Grady Hanrahan, Associate Provost of Experiential Learning, Research, and Faculty Development
Zareh Marselian, Interim Associate Provost for Information Services
Joan Griffin, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Hillis, Dean of the Graduate School of Education
Rick Holigrocki, Dean of the Graduate School of Psychology
Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean of the School of Management
Lisa Buono, Director of Bachelor's Degree for Professionals Program
Rodney Reynolds, Director of Educational Effectiveness
Bryan Rasmusen, EPPC Chair
Tim Hengst, Faculty Chair
Sam Thomas, FADC Chair
Paul Witman, FEC Chair
Kirk Lesh, GPEC Chair
Leanne Neilson, Provost