50th Reunion

50th Reunion Biography Book

In recognition of your 50th class reunion, Cal Lutheran Alumni is pleased to publish a 50th Reunion Biography Book. This is an opportunity to share with your fellow alumni your life's journey and to learn about the many paths taken by your classmates.

The deadline to submit your story and photos is August 1, 2014. If you have any questions regarding the Biography Book, please call (805) 493-3170.

We appreciate the time and thought in preparing your biography. Thank you!

We are no longer accepting submissions.

Helpful Hints

You have up to 300 words to complete your biography. When drafting your biography, please consider the following questions:

  • What is your most outstanding memory—either serious or silly—of your time at Cal Lutheran?
  • Tell us about the pathways of your life; where did you think you were headed? Where did you go?
  • Reflect briefly on how Cal Lutheran prepared you for the future.
  • Speak to surprising turns in your life journey. Where were you led and by whom? Who were your influential leaders?

Please also keep in mind what classmates are not looking for in your update:

  • Another "Christmas letter"
  • Lists of every place lived, every job held, every award earned, every book written, or every place visited.
  • Names, ages, educational status, virtues, and accomplishments of your children and grandchildren.

See some examples of good and bad biographies.


As part of your biography page, you have the opportunity to include one photo. Photos that give us a glimpse into your life today are the most fun. This may involve an interest or hobby, a place you visited that means a lot to you, or something else unique. In addition to the photo you submit, we will be including your senior yearbook photograph on your biography page. If you do not have a picture in the yearbook and have one you would like included, please email alumni@callutheran.edu for further instructions.

Other important tips:

  • Either a black and white or color photograph can be used. However your page will be printed in black and white.
  • Please avoid group shots. YOU should be the main subject of the picture.
  • Keep in mind that photo reproductions can only be as good as the original that we get. Please avoid photos that are out of focus, grainy, printed on matte or bumpy paper or faded.

If submitting a digital image: We need large digital files in order to print clear photos. (If you know the lingo, we use 300 dpi.) An image may look good on your computer screen but a commercial printer needs a file 3-4 times that size to print well. The best advice is this: Send the largest image possible! Preferably, send the original file straight from your digital camera, memory card or smart phone. If you received a photo by email from another friend or relative, it may have been reduced in size. Please contact that person and ask for a larger version of that image.

If submitting a print: Glossy prints are best. Please do not send homemade ink jet prints. Please mail to the following address before August 1:

Cal Lutheran University
c/o 50th Reunion
60 W. Olsen Road #1500
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

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Your 50th Reunion Committee

  • Don DeMars '64
  • Lynda (Benton '64) Elmendorf
  • Ruthanne (Croom '65) England
  • Bill Ewing '65
  • Ruth Ann Johnson '65
  • Norm Knoll '64
  • Karsten Lundring '65
  • Kirsten (Bodding '64) Lundring
  • Marty (Ronning '64) Schwalm
  • Carole (Smith '65) Scott
  • Bryan Spafford

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