Daniel Watrous '79

1994 Service to Alma Mater

Biography as it appeared in 1994.

For Daniel Watrous, the effort to “pass on” the legacy he received at Cal Lutheran has taken another form.  Watrous welcomes opportunities to “give back to Cal Lutheran some small measure of what it has given me in my life.”  He does this through his energetic commitment to volunteerism and the Alumni Association.  A 1979 sociology graduate with a master’s in city planning from Harvard, Watrous’ position as senior planner for the City of Azusa grants him the advantage of geographic proximity to CLU.  His “advantage” has proven to be the University’s boon.

A member of the Alumni Board since 1987, he has served as Alumni Regent since 1989.  Watrous is currently chair of the Long Range Planning Committee and serves on the Campus Master Plan Steering Committee.  Other projects, past and present, include Retreat Planning and Spiritual Life Committees, the Search Committee for vice president for Enrollment and Student Services, ARCH representative, CLU Sunday speaker and Alumni Association long-range plan development.

Above all, Watrous is acknowledged by those involved with the Association as one whose smiling face and willing hands are offered consistently and without complaint.  While he declares that his participation with the Alumni Association is “so much fun,” it is, in truth, those around him who benefit the most.

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