Educational Effectiveness and Institutional Research

Course Evaluations

Fall 2008 Administration

  • CoursEval Team:  Cathy Alexander, Jillian Benson, Julius Bianchi, Jim Bond, Karissa Faulconer, Bruce Gillies, Herb Gooch, Michael Graham, Ron Hagler, Edward Julius, Myungsook Klassen, Maria Kohnke, Halyna Kornuta, Sean Kreycik, Leanne Neilson, Patrick Schmidt, Paul Williams, Paul Witman, Melinda Wright
  • Reviewed of feedback data from students, faculty, directors, deans, CoursEval Team and made changes
  • Report presented at the September 8,2008 Faculty Meeting Faculty Meeting Sept 8 2008 Report describing the Summer Session CoursEval pilot
  • Link for student access:
  • Video instructions for students to access CoursEval:

CoursEval Pilot 2: Fall Session 11 week courses from September 2 - November 17

CoursEval Pilot 3: Fall Session 15 week courses from September 3 - December 19