Cutting and other forms of Self-Harm

Some people are surprised to learn that some people cut or burn or otherwise injure themself intentionally. Although there are many reasons why someone might do any of these things to themself, often the person is feeling pain that is not being relieved. The person cutting often feels like their pain is not getting expressed. This is why counseling can help.

At Student Counseling Services we try to help students who do cut themself to get some help being heard and having their pain get "heard." Whether you cut yourself or you have a friend who does, we want to be a resource for you at Student Counseling Services. To learn more about cutting and about how you can help yourself or comeone you care about, either give us a call and make an appointment to come to SCS or look to the resources, below.

A couple of important things to remember about people who injure themself intentionally. First, most people who do this are not suicidal. But second, anytime someone is intentionally injuring themself, there is a risk of the intentional act causing a serious and even life-endangering injury. For this reason, we encourage you to try to convince anyone you care about who is doing this to themself to get help. We also want to encourage you to remember that, while it is good for you to be compassionate and caring toward soemone who is injuring themself, it is very important to remember that they, not you, are the only ones who will be able to help them. They must ultimately seek the help themself.


Information about cutting:

Video explaining what cutting is about and how to get treatment:

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To help someone who is cutting themselves, you can go to any of these websites for ideas:

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