Concerns about counseling...

 Students often have a number of concerns about counseling and seeking assistance that, if not directly discussed, can deter them from acting upon a referral. It is useful to anticipate these issues and subsequently to make responses that are factual, encouraging, and appropriate.

Concern: Only crazy people go to counseling (and I'm not crazy).

Response: I don't think you are crazy. People go to counseling for all kinds of problems. SCS sees 300 students a year for individual counseling.

Concern: Going for counseling is a sign of weakness. It shows I can't handle my own problems.

Response: You are capable of handling most of your problems. There are some, however, that are difficult to handle alone. Recognizing when you need assistance, and then getting it, is a sign of good problem-solving ability.

Concern: Counseling won't work for me. It's not effective.

Response: There are no guaranteed results, that is true. There is a high probability, though, that counseling can be helpful. It has worked for a large number of students and it could work for you. Give it a try.

Concern: The counselor will tell other people about my problem.

What you share with a counselor is considered confidential. Information is not released to anyone (parents, friends, instructors) without your permission.