Students in crisis but refusing help

It is so important for faculty and staff members and for students to play an active role in preserving emotional health within the CLU campus community. Despite the importance of this role, it is also good to be mindful that the unfortunate reality is that adults--including our students--have the right to be very distrurbed and to refuse offers of help or treatment. It is important for people who are not mental health professionals to appreciate the limited power they have to protect an unhappy student from self-harm. The following are steps a concerned faculty or staff member or student can do to try to assist a suicidal student: .

  • For physical or psychological crises after hours, call security at x3911.or call off-campus at 911 for immediate assistance.
  • Emergency services are available at Los Robles Regional Medical Center (x9911 from phones on campus).
  • Area residence coordinators can be reached at x3914
  • Refer the student to the CLU Student Counseling Services website where suicide prevention resources can be accessed in the privacy of the student's residence.