Groups Offered by SCS Starting this Fall

(all groups below are confidential and facilitated by professional group therapists)

[See note, below, for information about joining a group at SCS.]


  • Graduate Stduent Support Group

Graduate school can be so difficult. The challenge of finding balance between school and the rest of your life and the impact that can have on your relationships, plus the impact that the degree process itself can have--a group provides a safe place to discuss these, explore solutions and to just realize you're not alone.

  • “Always an Outsider” group    

The Focus of this group is on the Feeling of loneliness we sometimes have.  Some topics include: difficulty fitting into social groups, feeling left out and excluded, feeling isolated and invisible, not feeling seen or heard or recognized, fear of being in a group, lack of interpersonal skills, a feeling of shame, disliking one’s self, discomfort with connecting with people or being around people, a lack of social initiation, ambivalence and conflicted emotions about wanting to connect with people and wanting to escape from people.

  • Shyness and Social Maturity Group

The focus of this group is on how to get along with others and on how to make more friends.  Some of the topics we might address include: feeling shy about making interpersonal contact, feeling shy about romantic relationships, feeling unconfident while talking to the opposite sex, feeling shy about public speaking, feeling uncomfortable about being an introverted (or quiet) person.  Some ways we might find growth in this group would be by focusing on learning more about emotions and how they play a role in our interpersonal relationships, learning how to identify emotions and accept them, learning to self-soothe and regulate emotions, and learning to express emotions in an appropriate way

  • Self-esteem Building Group

Focus: explore the root of low self-esteem, increase self-compassion, facilitate self-acceptance, and gain a better understanding of how-- and why --we can sometimes simply be too hard on ourself.

  • Personal Development Group

The focus of this group is quite broad.  Subjects we might discuss include: identity exploration, interpersonal relationship patterns, self-growth, exploration of who you are and how you relate to people, what your goals are in life, what you view as the meaning of life, the relevance of culture to these issues and questions, sexual behavior and orientation, adjustment and transition difficulties in college.

  • Building Terrific Relationships Therapy Group

    This group will start in the Fall semester and welcomes new members. The meeting time and day is to be determined--so please contact us as soon as possible with your class schedule so that we can factor your needs into our planning. This is a group for men and women who are interested in improving their ability to effectively connect with others--whether for friendship, success in school or at work or for romance.

    The MABI CHANGE Support Group

    The MABI-CHANGE group is the Mindfulness and Body Image Change Group. It is for anyone who struggles at times with the pressures in our society to look different than we do. We've called it the MABI CHANGE group because we don't think there are easy answers to whether one should change. So, we'll explore the issue together. Should we change, physically, or not??? And if we should change in some way, how and how much and WHEN??? What is healthy change and what is unhealthy and excessive change? When does a healthy awareness of one's personal health become an unhealthy reliance on approval from other people? And when does a healthy desire to look one's best become an unhealthy reaction to shallow ideas in magazines and on TV that focus on our exterior to the exclusion of a value in our having a healthy sense of self? These ideas will be our focus.

    This group will be a support group with elements of education folded in at times. We may watch some DVDs or use other sources of information to spur our discussions. What we discuss will be a group decision. The meeting time and day is to be determined--so please contact us as soon as possible with your class schedule so that we can factor your needs into our planning.

    Unpacking the Family Baggage Support Group

    We all carry around “baggage” from our family which can have both positive and negative effects on our lives. Our family often provides us with values, experiences, coping skills, memories, and relationship patterns. College is a great time to “unpack” all of this--and understand it. This group provides you with a supportive, respectful place to do that and to see how others cope with the gifts and struggles stored in their family baggage.

  • Anxiety Management Support Group

  • Ttime and day is TBA. This group is focused on identifying the ways high-functioning people can improve their academic and social skills by developing more effective coping strategies for managing anxiety.

International Student’s Support Group (Mandarin/English)

This group is especially directed at students from Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking countries.  The focus of this group will be social networking, better adjustment to college, cultural shock, international students’ identity development, resource finding, discrimination, micro-aggression, homesickness, and future planning.




To express interest in any of the above groups, please contact Dr. Sophia Chang(, or call ext. 3727. For questions and related issues, or if you want to look into joining, please email Dr. Chang your Fall term class schedule.