Resources for International Students

As an international student you are in a unique position to encounter new and intense stressors as you transition to living and learning at CLU. Common concerns for international students include anxiety about academic performance, concerns related to self-identity, self-esteem struggles, issues related to long distance relationships, and conflicts in intimate, social or professional relationships sometimes arising because of cultural differences. At times you may notice that your ability to cope with typical stressors will be limited.  We hope that you will consider Student Counseling Services to be a helpful resource for you to turn to for assistance adjusting. 

Student Counseling Services is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed noon-1:00 pm for lunch). Students may contact SCS during regular work hours by either coming in to our office located in the Counseling Services building at 3222 Luther Street or by calling us at (805) 493-3SCS(727).

After hours, students can either access information via our website or, in the event of a need for immediate attention, can call 911 or, if on campus, can contact CLU Campus Safety and Security at x3911. 

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Helpful Websites:

This website contains helpful information about studying and living in the United States. If you would like a more comprehensive explanation about living in America as a foreign student, including information about different academic options to pursue after college, click here.