Group Therapy

Group counseling at SCS provides an opportunity for small groups of people to meet to seek to help each other find personal growth.  Sometimes the focus is on sharing common concerns, but it can also involve exploring personal issues such as members' individual behavior patterns.  In most groups, participants can expect to have the chance to develop new communication skills.  

Since we now have a 12 session limit for individual therapy sessions, we want to encourage as many students as possible to take advantage of our groups. They are a great place to continue the work that you may have started in individual therapy .

How do groups function?  That's a good question with a pretty complicated answer.  There are many different types of groups.  Each group makes its own "rules" or establishes it's own procedures, depending upon the needs and preferences of members.  In general, group members help each other by making suggestions and giving feedback. Group members are never forced to reveal more about themselves than they choose to reveal.  For more discussion of How Groups Work, click here.

***Please Note: You may attend as many groups as you want. Group sessions do NOT count against the 12 session limit for individual therapy.***


To see what groups are forming right now at SCS, click here!


Here are some examples of the types of groups we CAN offer at SCS:

  • Understanding and Managing Your Anger
  • Women's Support/Therapy Group
  • Graduate Students Support Group
  • International Students Support Group
  • Out-of-State Student Support Group
  • LGBT Student Support Group
  • Senior-itis Group
  • Healthy Relationships (a group for men and women wanting to improve their ability to create lasting, fulfilling relationships with others)
  • Unpacking the Family Baggage (a group for men and women that explores family relational and behavioral patterns and how those patterns might have an impact on other relationships)
  • Men's Group
  • A Group that YOU suggest!!! (please pass on your ideas to our Groups Coordinator, Dr. Allison Kozonis, at

Professional Facilitation

Group counseling at SCS is always facilitated by trained professionals.  The facilitators' job is to help create a space for members that feels safe; one that invites members to derive the benefits they seek. The facilitators are there to make observations from a caring, objective position. Group counselors recognize that individuals have different ways of expressing themselves and strive to create an environment that is safe, respectful and inclusive.



One truth of all groups that are run at SCS is that they require members to agree to commit to preserving the confidentiality of the sessions.  Although the group facilitators at SCS feel committed to helping group members define their own guidelines for how the group will operate, the facilitators do impose a rule with regard to confidentiality. The one rule that is imposed on each group member by the agency and by the facilitators is a simple one: "what is said in the room, stays in the room."  Without this rule, the group has much less potential to be helpful to anyone. For more of a discussion of confidentiality, click here.