Physical and Emotional Health Intersections

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Alcohol Use (look down on this page to "Substance Use)

Anger management

Coping with Chronic Pain

Eating problems

Relationship Difficulties

Sexual Concerns (for men or women)

Sleep Difficulties

  • a tool to see if your behaviors and feelings are similar to those of people who have sleep problems
  • Helpful hints to improve your sleep

Substance use or abuse

"Ear Wax" Marijuana

Have you encountered a form of marijuana that is like a wax?  If you have heard of it and/or have used it or considered using it, there is a great article that discusses what it is and gives information about how it operates within the body.  Click here to read the article.


Have you or friends of yours considered using Salvia?  Salvia is a hallucinogen that is illegal in 13 states.  Would you like to know more about Salvia? 

For a description of  the origins of Salvia, plus the effects it has on a user of it, and for information regarding the legal status of it, click here.   

At Columbia University, they have a "go ask alice" site with various pieces of info available at it.  They have a good discussion of Salvia.  Link to Go Ask Alice about Salvia, here.

For even more information about Salvia, click here.