Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD and higher education

In the past it was assumed that by adulthood people outgrow symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD—sometimes referred to as “ADD”). Now we know that isn’t true.   Many highly skilled, intelligent people succeed because they overcome difficulties related to attention span, impulsiveness, distractibility, and decision making.  So, whether a person has been diagnosed with ADHD or they are just aware that they experience attention-related difficulties, this is extremely common and there is no logical basis for believing that someone who has these challenges to overcome will have less of an ability to excel, both personally and professionally.

Attention difficulties are so common, we prepared an extensive description of the way this impacts university students and other adults. We also have a number of coping strategies. Check them out by clicking HERE!

Here is a great resource for info about ADHD (also called "ADD"--Attention Deficit Disorder)???

Would you like to take a quick test to see if you might have ADD?  Click here. Still curious? To try a different self-assessment tool, click here.

Note: if you test positive --or if you don't but you are still curious, come to SCS to consider the more complete and more reliable test we can provide and to discuss how ADHD coaching can help you maximize your achievement.