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Advising Handbook

"I look forward to holding a position that includes advising, because determining a course of study that balances one's gifts and passions is perhaps the undergraduate's most important task, and assisting with that discernment process has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of college teaching for me."
—Allison Wee (English Department)


Rationale and Resources for Faculty Advising

Law, Disabilities, and International Students

Advice for Advisors


New Student Orientation: Freshman | Transfer

Student Issues

Academic Standing
  • Calculate a GPA: Semester | Overall
  • Probation
    • Probation policy and requirements to get off of it
    • How to get re-admitted after suspension or appeal one
    • Probation Contract/Action Plan
Freshman Advisees
Transfer Advisees

Registration and Grading

Frequently Asked Questions

Core 21 & Discipline Checklists

  • Core 21 Curriculum
  • Core 21 Checklist
  • Excel Checklist
  • Perspective Approved Courses (Writing Intensive, Speaking Intensive, Global and Diversity Perspective)
  • Course Descriptions
  • Discipline/Major Checklists: Overall | By Year
  • Doubles (Degree, Majors, and Dips)