University Marketing

It's All About Design

A well-designed publication presents your message in an organized and attractive way. It attracts attention, holds interest and inspires the reader to action. Design involves size, number of pages, layout, illustrations and photographs, type, paper and ink color. You and University Marketing will collaborate on these matters, considering your special communication needs.

The audience, format, purpose and budget of your publication, as well as your own ideas, will be important considerations. The design will fit within the graphics standards adopted by CLU. Following these standards helps ensure that the image of the University remains consistent. The graphics standards are flexible and allow creativity.

Because of our volume planning is the key to the on-time project completion which of paramount importance to us all. The project guidelines are designed to help you with the planning and scheduling of your projects. For the benefit of the University and your office in particular we request that you plan your project in accordance with these guidelines.

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