University Marketing

Project Timeline

Allow plenty of time before you need your finished product. The full process includes:

  • Design
  • Proofreading
  • Modifications and corrections
  • Final approvals
  • Print production

This process can take a few weeks to several months to complete. When planning complex publications, please make an appointment with a member of the University Marketing staff to discuss your project.

Design Scheduling Guide

The schedule begins when all materials, including approved copy and client supplied art and photography, are received by University Marketing.

Within 24 hours of being logged, the University Marketing staff will notify you if there are scheduling conflicts or if the specifications call for special design treatment that will affect your deadline. In that case we might request a modification to the specifications, additional time to complete the project or that the project be outsourced to an approved off-campus designer.

RUSH PROJECTS: If you need a project completed more quickly than the publications guidelines dictate, please discuss the situation with the University Marketing staff at the time you submit your request. The job might need to be designed by an approved off-campus designer at the your office's expense.

Preparing Your Copy

(See also: CLU Style Guide)

Copy must be submitted in electronic form using the following guidlines:

  • Include every word that will appear on the finished product (cover copy, mail panel, permits, return addresses, etc.).
  • Avoid using all caps, exotic tabulations, font or font weight changes in your copy. Write special text treatment (bold face, italic, etc.) on your paper copy.
  • Proof your copy carefully for possible spelling, grammatical or typographical errors and accuracy of information.
  • Your copy should comply with CLU's style guide.
  • Provide a hard copy

Proofing Your Project

You are responsible for the accuracy of your publication. When you receive a proof, carefully check for spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. Pay special attention to headlines, names, dates, numbers and other specific information. When you give final approval, the artwork is sent to the printer.

Long-range Planning

If you will need a series of publications during the year, let us know at the beginning of the year, if possible. That way we can schedule all your publications at once, and you will be able to divide your publications budget more thoughtfully. The design of all your publications can be coordinated and your total program will look like it was a carefully considered and unified effort.