Recommendations for 2006/2007 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2006/2007

  Project   Requestor  Cost
Administration Building Ramp Project Supplement Ryan VanOmmeren 30,000
Alumni Hall 105 Paint and Carpet Replacement Bruce Gillies 5,000
Alumni Hall Men's & Women's Bathrooms Update Stufkosky/Neilson 25,000
Various Exterior Light Replacement & Upgrade Gary Hargrave 10,000
Various Exterior Sidewalk Replacement Peterson/Sagen/Ismay 40,000
Various Exterior Street Repair and Resurfacing Adragna/Bonilla 40,000
D Building Roof Repair Mike Shaw 40,000
New West Residence Hall Renovation
VanOmmeren/Adranga 625,000
Peters Hall Men's & Women's Bathrooms Remodel Bonilla/ASCLU 25,000
Preus-Brandt Forum Carpet, Paint & Curtain Replacement Van Ommeren/Roehr 25,000
SUB Path/Stairs Installation & Spine Landscaping Naginey/Hackbarth 25,000
Contingency Tony Adranga 20,000
Total - Recommended Projects 910,000
Deferred Maintenance Funding 910,000

Capital Project Requests that will be preformed through Regular Maintenace

  Request   Requestor
Administration Building toilets in upstairs women’s bathroom replaced Unknown
Administration Building & Stairwells paint and cleaned up Linda Heidtke
Administration Building parking lot lighting augmented Klay Peterson
Alumni Hall classrooms temperature control ensured Bernard Merkle
Alumni Hall cooling tower replaced John Urango
Alumni Hall offices 105-109 blinds repaired or replaced Grace Stufkosky
Cafeteria bathrooms renovated Anita Hanney
Chapel Chancel refinished Pastor Scott
Chapel front door refurbished Pastor Scott
Chapel interior walls painted (as needed) Pastor Scott
Chapel roofing repaired or replaced Pastor Scott
Chapel sidewalk steam washed Unknown
CLU residential houses heaters changed out John Urango
D Building bathrooms upgraded Leo Rodriguez
D Building roof units (2) replaced John Urango
D Building, D-19 window and blinds replaced Frank Lee
E & F Buildings sidewalks repaired Joy Brittain
Ed Tech D Vault gear replaced if study shows it’s feasible Gary Hargrove
F Building women’s bathroom hot water repaired Joy Brittain
F Building women’s bathroom lighting improved Joy Brittain
Facilities boom lift and fork lift replaced Jeff McMillan
Facilities deck mower purchased Cruz Pulido
Football Stadium resurfaced & irrigation improved Dan Kuntz
G Building bathrooms upgraded Leo Rodriguez
G building men’s bathroom fan replaced Dr. Ernest Tonsing
Gym Annex, 30-E’s sidewalk hole repaired Scott Fickerson
Gym parking lot asphalt replaced Mike Bonilla
Hansen Building handlers replaced John Urango
Humanities’ southeast corner grass replaced Paul Hanson
Little Theatre bathroom floor repaired and tile replaced Michael Roehr
Little Theatre front doors replaced Michael Roehr
Luther St/Pioneer St crosswalk markings and ramp installed Tony Adragna
Luther/Pioneers (between) path is needed Sagen/Hackbarth
Mt. Clef faucets and toilets replaced as needed Leo Rodriguez
Nelson Room outdoor appearance upgraded (In planning) Anita Hanney
Preus-Brandt backstage doors repaired/replaced Michael Roehr
Preus-Brandt Forum bathroom ventilation repaired Michael Roehr
Softball Field maintenance and upgraded Dan Kuntz
South Hall trash enclosure hinges re-installed Mike Bonilla
Thompson Hall carpet replaced Unknown

Candidates for Year-End Fund Balance Improvement Projects

Alumni Hall 112/115 Window Black Out Installation Unknown 10,000
Ahmanson Science Bldg Emer Power Generator Installation Klay Peterson Undetermined
Buth Park Garden Wall and Landscaping Upgrade Tony Adranga 40,000
D Building Office Access Remodel Klassen/Reinhart Undetermined
Gym Locker Rooms, Offices & Driveway Improvement Dan Kuntz 150,000
Gym Point Athletics Office Remodel Dan Kuntz 40,000
Gym Retrofit for Football Unknown 100,000
Flagpole Main Spine Access Ramp Installation Smith/Lewis 50,000
Mogen Hall Entrance Card Reader Installation Sally Sagen 4,000
Mogen Hall Lobby Floor Resurfacing Sally Sagen 6,375
Mogen Hall Exterior Poles Resurfacing Sally Sagen 36,000
Peters Hall 103/104 Renovation Christine Pye 15,000
Preus-Brandt Forum Switch & Lecture Spotlights Installation Michael Roehr 3,000
Luther and Memorial Flashing Lights Installation Klay Peterson 100,000
Memorial Lighting Enhancement Klay Peterson Undetermined
Pole Vault & High Jump Pit Cover Replacement Scott Fickerson 10,000
Thompson/Pederson Halls Foyers Carpet Installation Nicole Hackbarth 7,000
Thompson/Pederson Halls Foyers Renovation Kirstine Odegard 60,000
Thompson/Pederson Halls Door Replacement Kirstine Odegard 40,000
Zimmerman Practice Rooms Soundproofing Kirstine Odegard 25,000
Total Candidates for Year End Projects Unfunded $696,375

Other Major Maintenance Projects - Unfunded

    Request     Requestor
E & F Buildings pavement repaired Joy Brittain
E & G Building needs to be better identified with better signage Joy Brittain
F Building venting system installation completed (Completed) Unknown
Facilities laptop purchase for HVAC Tech (Completed) John Urango
Gym sound and lighting systems enhanced Unknown
New building needed for the Performing (Not Def Maint Issue) Kirstine Odegard
Campus needs additional parking for events and visitors Cynthia Smith
Peters Hall front steps need improved lighting (Completed) Kevin Schaffels
Sparky Anderson Baseball Field flag & flag pole needed (Not Def Maint Issue) Dan Kuntz
Pavilion heaters purchased Nicole Hackbarth