Recommendations for 2007/2008 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2007/2008

  Project   Requestor  Cost
Renovate North Hall Rosser/Naginey/Sagen
Re-finish Cabinets in Ahmanson Science Center Labs Ryan VanOmmeren
Renovate Bathrooms in Nygreen Hall Robby Larson
Repair and Resurface Campus Parking Lots Tony Adranga
Replace Misc. Campus Sidewalks Ryan VanOmmeren
Remodel Trash Enclosure near North Hall Tony Adranga
Replace Automatic Door of Thompson Hall Odegard/Hargrave
Replace Classroom Furniture in F-3 Tony Adranga
Re-carpet Narthex, Stairs & Balcony of Samuelson Chapel Jeff McMillian
Total - Recommended Projects 990,000
Deferred Maintenance Funding 990,000

Capital Project Requests that will be preformed through Regular Maintenace

  Request   Requestor
Install a Shelf in both Bathrooms of Ahmanson Science Center Unknown
Paint Eastside of Alumni Hall Unknown
Improve HVAC Control in Alumni Hall 115 Bernard Merkle
Renovate Women's Bathroom in the Cafeteria Anita Hanney
Clean the Carpet in the Nelson Room Anita Hanney
Replace Classroom Whiteboards in D8 Janet Scheel
Repaint the Facilities Building Tony Adragna
Re-install Missing Clock in Humanities Lobby Dr. Erany Barrow-Pyor
Repair K-1 Door Dan Geeting
Repair the Top Riser in K-1 Unknown
Remove Dead Tree in Kingsmen Park Robby Larson
Fix/Replace Main Entrance Doors to Mogen Hall William Rosser
Install Conduit and Coaxial Cable to 25 Second Clock on Gym Roof Gary Hargrave
Finish Replacing Nygreen Hall Doors Robby Larson
Re-carpet Mi sc. Suites in Thompson and Pederson Halls Rosser/Naginey/Adragna
Replace Toilet Seats in Residential Halls Leo Rodriguez
Replace Ceiling Tiles in the Study Aboard Center Lisa Loberg
Install Wiring for the Network in the Study Abroad Center (by ISS) Lisa Loberg
Replace the Historical Sign in front of the SUB Naginey/Price
Improve Grass Maintenance near the Tennis Courts Mike Gennette
Repair the Cracks in the Tennis Courts Mike Gennette
Complete Toilet Change-out in Thompson/Pederson Halls Leo Rodriguez

Other Major Maintenance Projects Unfunded

Install Wall to Prevent Erosion in Buth Park Tony Adragna
Upgrade Fire Alarms in the Cafeteria Tony Adragna
Upgrade Restrooms in Cafeteria to make ADA Compliant Tony Adragna
Improve Handicap Accessibility Throughout Campus Valeri Cirino-Paez
Upgrade CLU Owned Houses William Rosser
Install Signage on CLU Owned Houses Angela Naginey
Patch Exterior and Paint Unsightly Areas of E Building Marsha Anderson
Renovate E and F Building Courtyard Area Hengst/Adranga
Remove the Organ in the Forum Robby Larson
Paint one of the Mogen Handicap Spots for a Loading Zone Nathan Fall
Install Two Electronic Scoreboards in Soiland Recreation Center Robby Larson
Install Ceiling Mounted Curtains in Soiland Recreation Center Robby Larson
Plant Barren Area on Two Sides of the Humanities Building Jarvis Streeter
Convert Overton Hall to an Art Gallery Robby Larson
Renovate the Interior of K Building Tony Adragna
Upgrade Landscape and Hardscape of Kingsmen Park Tony Adragna
Upgrade the Main Spine Area Tony Adragna
Provide Picnic Tables or Seating in Kingsmen Park Gary McCubbin
Create a New Health Services Clinic William Rosser
Complete the Furnishing and Carpet Projects in the Library Bianchi/Bauer
Install a Coffee Bar in the Library Lobby Julius Bianchi
Upgrade Lighting to Phase II in the Library Tony Adragna
Expand and Install New HVAC in the Library Server Room Marselian/Bianchi
Install New Pathway with Lighting from Library to GSFC Fall/Larson
Install Card Reader on Mogen Hall Side Entrance Door Rosser/Sagen/Fall
Purchase Furniture for Mogen Hall Patio Area Nathan Hall
Re-finish Silver Support Poles outside Mogen Hall Rosser/Sagen
Install Card Readers on Side Entrance Mt. Clef Sally Sagen
Change out Faucets and Drains in Residential Halls Leo Rodriguez
Refurbish the Plumbing in Mt Clef Hall Tony Adragna
Resolve Ventilation Issue in Mt. Clef Bathrooms William Rosser
Complete the Mt Clef Remodeling Project Rosser/Adragna
Paint the Exterior of the Pederson Ranch House Dan Geeting
Remodel Office in the Pederson Ranch House Tony Adragna
Provide Storage and Scene/Set Workshop Areas for Theater Dept. Willaim Rosser
Relocate the Costume/Makeup Lab Robby Larson
Remove Parking on one side of Memorial Parkway Sally Sagen
Build a New Faculty Parking Lot or Pave Buth Parking Lot Jarvis Streeter
Upgrade the Landscaping in the Admin Parking Lot (Center) Tony Adragna
Purchase Heaters for the Pavilion Robby Larson
Refurbish Main Entrances to Pederson and Thompson Halls Rosser/Naginey
Remodel 2nd Floor Bathrooms in Pederson Administration Building Nicole Hackbarth
Add Patio Seating to Back Entrance of Pederson Administration Bldg. Nicole Hackbarth
Replace Pederson Administration Building Roof Tony Adragna
Convert Peters Hall 102 or 106 to a Computer Lab Grannis/Bianchi
Add an Emergency Phone near the SBET Building Karrolyne Fogel
Install a Sidewalk on the Remainder of Campus Drive towards GSFC Rosser/Sagen
Add Directional Signage to North Campus Parking Nicole Hackbarth
Expand the Office Area of the Study Abroad Center Lisa Loberg
Upgrade the Furniture in the Study Abroad Center Lisa Loberg
Upgrade Misc. Areas in the Study Abroad Center Lisa Loberg
Expand and Remodel the SUB Kristin Price
Replace the Carpet and Re-furnish Public Areas of the SUB Rosser/Larson
Paint the Emergency Exit Door in the back of the SUB Robby Larson
Build a New Student Union Building Sally Sagen
Replace Asphalt Walkway or Add Stairs from Memorial to the SUB Rosser/Naginey
Add Additional Space or Relocated the Mail Center Rosser/Larson
Add Trees and Landscaping by Thompson Hall on Faculty Drive Paul Egertson
Turn West Field into an All-Surface Field Nathan Fall
Purchase New Furniture for the Woodland Hills Campus Tony Adragna