Recommendations for 2008/2009 Renewal and Replacement

Recommendation for Deferred Maintenance Projects 2008/2009

Project Name Requestor
Renovate Potenberg Hall Fall/Adragna
Paint Exterior Campus Building Exteriors Geeting/Morton
Remodel Public Restrooms in Cafeteria R. Van Ommeren
Repair and Resurface Campus Streets & Parking Lots Adragna
Upgrade Electrical Infrastructure Gary Hargrave
Install Alarms on Mi sc. Doors in Res Halls Christine Paul
Remodel Restrooms/Interiors in Hansen Bldg/Business Office Cathy Alexander
Upgrade HVAC Controls in Humanities Building Paul Egertson
Establish Carbon Footprint for Green Building Initiative R. Van Ommeren
Replace Various Sidewalks on Campus Johnson
Replace Classroom Furniture in Alumni Hall Nicole Hackbarth
Upgrade Various Exterior Lighting on Campus Sagen/Johnson/GA
Total – Recommended Projects  
Deferred Maintenance Funding  


Capital Project Requests that will be Performed through Regular Maintenance

Request Requestor
Add Slip Resistance to Main Spine Steps Peggy Johnson
Assist Welcome Center with Storage Cleanup Linda LeBlanc
Backfill Low Areas near Sidewalks Ritch Eich
Clean Roofs on Barrel Roof Buildings Ritch Eich
Ensure all Classroom Clocks are Working Adina Nack
Improve Landscaping between Statue & Memorial Parkway Ritch Eich
Install Closets in Two Bedrooms at 156 Faculty Maureen Hening
Paint Light Standards along Sidewalks to Samuelson Chapel Melissa Maxwell-Doherty
Re-paint walls and taping table in Football Athletic Training Room Kecia Davis
Repair Leak in G Building Sprinkler Rainer Diriwaechter
Repair or Replace HVAC in Cafeteria Interview Room Unknown
Repair Rain Gutter on Peters Hall Kapp Johnson
Repair/Replace Basketball Hoop on Grace hall Basketball Court Tony Adragna
Replace or Clean Carpet in Alumni Hall Classrooms Bruce Gillies


Project Funded through Residence Hall Furnishings Budget

Request Requestor
Install Card Readers in Mogen Hall Nate Fall/C. Paul
Install Carpet in Suites of Pederson and Thompson Hall Christine Paul
Install Card Readers on the Side Doors of Mt Clef Hall Nathan Fall


Recommendations for Project to be Funded by Year-End Funding

Request Requestor
Build a Chapel Lane Sidewalk Melissa. Maxwell-Doherty
Renovate the Pedestrian Bridge Area Valerie Crooks
Construct Steps and a handrail on the Ramp behind the Library Nathan Fall
Upgrade Furniture & Equipment at the Woodland Hills Campus Darlene Lowry


Other Major Maintenance Projects - Unfunded

Request Requestor
Install Fire Suppression System In Alumni Hall Julius Bianchi
Pave Buth Park Parking Lot B. Johnson/Sagen
Plant Trees and Landscape Area along Faculty St Paul Egertson
Upgrade Grace Hall Basketball Court Nathan Fall
Improve Landscaping for Pederson/Thompson Grounds Dane Rowley
Renovate and Add More Office Space in Library Sue Bauer
Renovate Library Foyer Julius Bianchi
Clean up the Library Room next to Computer Lab Unknown
Convert North Atrium to Office Space in the Library Julius Bianchi
Remodel 2nd Floor Restrooms in Admin Building Nicole Hackbarth
Install Patio Cover on the President's Patio Nicole Hackbarth
Renovate the Large Back Rooms in Pederson and Thompson Nathan Fall
Purchase Furniture for Lounge in the SUB Sally Sagen
Install Power Outlets on the Light Posts in Gilbert Grass Courtyard Nicole Hackbarth
Replace Concrete Sidewalk at the Mt Clef Stadium's Snack Bar Fred Miller









Other Major Maintenance Projects Unfunded