Sports and Fitness Center Construction Updates

4/24/2006 Project has moved into final finishes, with work currently underway with the gymnasium hardwood floors, the lockers, the AV system (thanks to David Grannis), cabinets, carpeting, cameras, and bleachers. We're looking forward to moving some of the athletics staff into the building in early July, and opening the public spaces of the building (gymnasiums, aerobics studio, fitness center) to the institution in mid-August.
1/27/2006 Project is well poised for Fall '06 occupancy, with interior and exterior finish work in full swing. The view from the bridge shows how the added lobby and storefront glass at the west entry is taking shape, and a view inside the building would reveal bathroom tile, a painted practice gymnasium, and near completion of all drywall. Next month we expect the installation of the various basketball and ceiling-mounted volleyball apparatus.
10/11/2005 With the large masonry structures now complete and receiving roof decks, the outside of the building is essentially in place. The next major push on the project will be to complete roofing prior to rainy season, with that objective now underway in the form or placement of roof installation. Overall, the project is well-poised to be open for Fall '06 operations.
8/4/2005 Look for another major milestone occurring with a second round of concrete panel tilt-up. Panels will be lifted through Friday, at which time all walls will be complete. Meanwhile, our Board of Regents has approved the addition of a lobby structure on the west side of the building which will tie the building to the Events Center positioned at the south end of the building. This area will provide another enhancement to an already tremendous building, providing transitional space for event registration and allowing better layout of the Events Center.
6/6/2005 Last week saw dramatic progress, with the placement of concrete slabs for most of the building. Our Gilbert Arena, practice gymnasium, events room, fitness room, and locker rooms all have concrete floors. Our contractor, HMH Construction, is currently preparing forms of rhte concrete walls. Look for our next significant milestone of July '05 for the erection of the walls.
4/8/2005 Work will begin in earnest next week. Look for actual walls being stood up on site within six to eight weeks.
3/2/2005 Final preparation of the building pad will start once the site is dry enough to haul engineered fill to the building pad. Assuming this process completes within the next month (again, with favorable weather) the building will complete by Fall '06.
1/27/2005 The Sports and Fitness Center is ready for construction, with the project awarded to HMH Construction, and permit ready for pick-up once project reaches the appropriate grade (level of terrain).