180 Bed Grace Hall Construction Updates

8/30/2005 Grace Hall fully completed.
8/4/2005 Landscaping is completing on the outside of the building while the interiour has moved to correction of punchlist items. We are hopeful that we will gain occupancy (with no temporary provisions) by mid-August.
6/6/2005 Our 180-bed residence hall is beginning to wrap up, with carpet installation underway inside, and sidewalks and landscaping underway outside.
4/8/2005 Our 180-bed residence hall is progressing well, with final sutcco and brick being applied to exterior surfaces while painting and cabinetry is installed in the interiors. We fully expect this project to be open on time for Fall '05 occupancy.
3/2/2005 "Production drywall" started today on the project, signifying a substantial project milestone. The start of production drywall demonstrates that the focus of the project has shifted to finish work. The project should be poised for successful Fall '05 opening.
1/27/2005 Roads and roofing are complete on this project, making it immune to weather delays from now onward. Drywall is scheduled to start next week, which positions the project for successful Fall '05 compeletion.