North Campus Grading Construction Updates

4/24/2006 Visible at the new camera angle, the final finishes of the infrastructure are either underway or will start shortly. Landscaping and fencing is progressing, and we're currently evaluating bids for final sidewalk installation.
1/27/2006 The last two weeks saw the completion of three major infrastructure projects. Last week Southern California Edison turned on our new meter, signifying the completion of all site electrical. This week, all campus visitors arriving from Lynn Rd. undoubtedly noticed the new traffic signal at Olsen and S. Campus Dr. Moreover, those that arrive early for work would have noticed brand new street lights all along the north side of Olsen Rd.
1/23/2006 Traffic signal installed and fully operational.

Paving, curb, and gutter are essentially complete, with the next major milestone expected on this coming Monday, when Southern California Edison is expected to "turn on" our new 4,160 volt electrical system.

Meanwhile, work continues at the intersection of Olsen Road and Campus Drive, and at the median of Olsen Road in that location. The work is the installation of the much-needed traffic light at that intersection.


Curb and gutter has mostly completed, signifying significant completed work on all site work. Our contractor, HMH, is currently negotiating for an asphalt delivery date, with asphalt delivery expected between mid-August and mid-September. Paving will allow us to reopen the pedestrian bridge into a protected walkway leading to Campus Drive, which will allow direct pedestrian access to the new soccer/track facility.

As has been communicated previously, the large excavation in Olsen Road is necessary to bring our new water service (serving the entire campus) in from a large reservoir to the west of us (instead of from the small water tower visible on the right line to the east of the cross). Following the completion of the water line, construction of the traffic light at the intersection will start.

6/6/2005 Work continues with the placement of the last of the underground utilities and the construction of a storm water detention facility (north of the riparian waterway). Work is now complete on the communication infrastructure, with connectivity now in place from Alumni Hall all the way over Olsen Road to the north side of the pedestrian bridge.
Meanwhile, for those who have followed our issues with the hawk habitat, we are delighted to report that our (three) hawks have fledged, and we have Fish and Game approval to resume work near compus drive.
4/8/2005 Major grading is largely complete, as is much of the north campus storm water system. Recall from the last update that some area at the west end of the site is currently protected because of nesting hawks in the area... even with some interruption due to that, we expect to have paving in place by late July. Finally, as seen by the work near our library, electrical under ground work commenced last week with the installation of communication conduit.
3/2/2005 Unfortunately, wet weather continues, delaying construction progress since February 21. Our relatively dry three weeks in February did result in brief but substantial progress, however, with major portions of rough grading and storm drainage complete. In the event work can resume this coming Monday (our contractor's projection based on yesterday's forcasts) and continues with no further major delays, we can still have parking, paving, and underground utilities complete by July.
1/27/2005 After two years of chasing various regulatory agencies, earthmoving equipment finally rolled onto North Campus in late November. The equipment made a rapid and impressive start, with 15 feet of overexcavation complete at the Sports and Fitness Center foundation just in time for late December, early January record rainfall. Unfortunately, the rains delayed overall construction progress for a month, and will delay the start of the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center for about two months. Moreover, the western area of the development (west of the future football stadium) is in a protected bird nesthing area, with nesting season starting in early March, so further work in the area may take some negotiation with the California Department of Fish and Game. Overall, we are sill projecting the Sports and Fitness Center and the Aquatics Center to be complete for Fall '06, although future weather delays may jeopardize that date.