"I aspire to go further in my career in Sacramento and Washington D.C. after I earn my JD and PhD degrees. Although being in a graduate program is something I never thought I would accomplish, I am grateful for the opportunity every day, and motivate myself to complete more."

—Bexy Gomez,
Public Service Fellow

Public Service Fellows at the Gallegly Center have the opportunity to pursue a combined undergraduate and graduate degree program in order to accelerate their careers in public service. The program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary focus and hands-on learning opportunities within the community.

Fellows are identified in the second semester of their junior year and are encouraged to choose an area of focus ranging from city or regional government to non-profit management. The program includes a semester of study and internship in Washington D.C. or an internship in local government in Ventura County. An option to complete an internship in Sacramento or take a course incorporating study in Sacramento itself is also offered. A field study or practicum is part of the Fellowship learning experience.

Two Fellowships are offered annually.

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