“My learning experience has helped me to diversify as a researcher and learn the skills necessary to network in a professional setting.”

—Bryan Simmons

The Chemistry program at California Lutheran University is defined by a strong emphasis on laboratory experience combined with supportive faculty mentoring to encourage our students to pursue research that is meaningful to them. As a result, students are taught how to design and carry out their own experiments and encouraged to work on independent research projects to develop their critical thinking and leadership skills.

In recognition of our excellence in Chemistry, the John Stauffer Charitable Trust has awarded the University a $500,000 challenge grant to establish the John Stauffer Research Fellows Program in the Chemical Sciences.

At full funding, the endowment will yield approximately $50,000 annually for 10 faculty-mentored student research projects. In addition, the fellows program would cover travel costs for the students to present their research at professional conferences.

Funding of this grant also will support and sustain new avenues of basic chemical research while fostering an undergraduate research model producing globally competitive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates.

Help us meet the Stauffer Challenge Grant. Contact 805-493-3160 for more information.

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