Criteria for Awards

Please use these criteria to support your proposal

  1. The project provides demonstrated evidence of scholarship of the individual, group, or the university at large. In particular, projects that further the strategic plan of the university by enhancing the visibility and recognition of the institution will receive priority.

  2. The project will lead to one or more tangible outcomes, such as:

    • Publications
    • Presentations at public conferences
    • Artistic exhibitions, performances or productions, or
    • Scientific specimen collections or displays
  3. The faculty member has not received the maximum Hewlett award during the current academic year, barring special circumstances.

  4. Priority for Hewlett grants other than the first will be given to faculty members who have shown sustained commitment to professional development by attending and presenting at regional conferences.

  5. Input from academic deans and/or department chairs may be solicited to assist the Faculty Affairs Development Committee in the decision-making process, though decisions will be made by the members of the FADC.

It is not within the purview of the FADC to consider requests for equipment and related purchases.