Working at Cal Lutheran

Cal Lutheran is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The university encourages candidates who will contribute to the cultural diversity of CLU to apply.

Administrative Benefits

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Description: Administrators at grade levels 8, 9, and 10 earn vacation at the rate of 20 days (1.66 days per month) beginning with the first year of employment. All other administrators in grade 7 and below earn vacation in accordance with the schedule stated below. These accrual rates apply to exempt administrators who work full-time for 12 months per year. Administrators who work less than full-time but more than half-time accrue vacation on a prorated basis.

Administrators in grade 7 and below accrue vacation at the following rates:

• Years 1 through 3 earn15 days per year
• Years 4 through 5 earn 17 days per year
• Year 6 plus earn 20 days per year

Maximum Accrual

In no event shall any administrative employee accrue more than 30 days vacation. After reaching the maximum accrual of 30 days, vacation or vacation pay no longer accrue until vacation is taken. Employees shall not be paid additional compensation for unused vacation time, except upon termination of employment. Upon termination of employment, employees shall be paid additional compensation for unused vacation time, appropriately prorated to the date of termination.

Approval of Vacation Leave

Employees must submit a Leave Request Form to their supervisor for approval in advance of taking vacation leave. Forms may be found on the Human Resources Website at