Working at Cal Lutheran

Cal Lutheran is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The university encourages candidates who will contribute to the cultural diversity of CLU to apply.

Support Staff Benefits

For detailed explanation of benefits summary documents, please visit the Open Enrollment section and view the Forms page.

Retirement Plan

Eligibility: Staff employees must be 22 years of age and work a minimum of 20 hours per week.
One-year waiting period waived if fully vested in another educational institution's retirement plan.
Provided for the employee at no cost to the employee.



Description: CLU contributes the equivalence of 10% of the employee's base salary to a TIAA-CREF retirement annuity.
Plan brochures are available in the Human Resources Office.
Individuals will be notified when orientation meetings are scheduled.
Contributions sent upon receipt of enrollment form.
Cost: No cost to employee.

Company Site: TIAA-CREF