Reporting each term or semester:

Remember to report at the start of each term or semester by filling out the Current Student Profile Form and turning in to the International Student Services Office by fax at (805) 493-3088, drop box, email to Linda or in person.  We use this form to register you with Homeland Security through SEVIS each term or semester.

Travel Advisory – CLU International Students

If you are traveling outside the U.S., please ensure:

  • You fill out the Intention to Travel form and present to Juanita, Linda, or Daniel.
  • Your I-20 is signed for travel (each time you leave the U.S. and plan to return)
  • You take all your travel documents with you and keep in a secure place
  • You have any required visas for the destination country (if you’re not traveling to your home country).  You should check that country’s website for visa requirements between your country and theirs.  Note this includes Mexico and Canada.
  • Your passport is good for at least another 6 months when you plan to return
  • Your visa will not expire prior to returning to the U.S.  Need to renew your Visa? Fill out the Visa Renewal Support Letter request form
  • When you return for the next academic term, please check in with our office and bring copies of any new travel documents. 
  • Download your new I-94

If you need to renew your visa while out of the country, please obtain:

  •  A copy of the classes you are scheduled to take next term (obtain from web-advisor)
  • Your current transcript (from web-advisor)
  • A letter of support from Juanita. Fill out the  Request Form - Visa Renewal Support Letter

Please note:  If your visa is going to expire, only renew it if you are planning to travel outside the country.  Your I-94 is stamped with “D/S” which means you are okay to remain in U.S. with your current visa for the “Duration of Status” as an F-1 student.  This includes OPT.  Your visa can only be renewed outside the U.S. and it must be current to re-enter the U.S. Some exceptions apply to Canada and Mexico. See exceptions here

Upon return, please print out your new I-94 by going to the immigration website:  Keep a copy for your records and present a copy to our office upon check-in.

Safe travels!