International Student Orientation

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The I-20 Document

You were issued an I-20 upon admittance to CLU. It looks like this:

  • F-1 students are admitted to US for D/S (Duration of Status)
  • You may not travel unless this is signed by a Designated School Official (D.S.O.) who are Juanita Hall and Linda Boberg in the International Programs Office.
  • The International Office will take a photocopy of this for their records

Duration of Status is defined as:
  • The time you are pursuing a full course of study. You have a 60 day grace period to leave the US or apply for a change of status to a new academic program.
  • The time you may be working in authorized "practical training" after finishing your studies
  • You have 60 days in which to depart the US or apply for a change of status

To maintain status:
  • Keep an unexpired passport
  • Report to the International Office in person at the beginning of each term or semester
  • Carry at least 12 units for an undergraduate; 6 units or 2 courses/term for a graduate
  • Make satisfactory progress towards your degree meaning that you pass all your classes
  • Limit on campus employment to 10 hours a week while school is in session. Although immigration allows international students to work 20 hours a week on campus, California Lutheran University policy allows students to work only 10 hours per week.
  • You may not work off campus without prior authorization; consult with Juanita Hall or Linda Boberg about these unique authorizations
  • Report a change of residence to the International Office and the Registrar's Office within 10 days
  • Obey U.S. laws
  • Satisfy financial obligations to the university
  • Complete the necessary IRS tax form

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