Multicultural Programs

United Students of the World



The purpose of this organization is to promote support and understanding of the diverse cultures of the world as well as provide a supportive environment for international students and an awareness of cultural issues on campus. We are dedicated in creating a safe and relaxing place to make friends, be active on campus, get to know your community, and to educate others about your culture through educational and social activities, speakers, and social gatherings. The United Students of the World seeks to promote understanding and cooperation amongst all people. In addition, in hopes of aiding CLU's international students as well as other fellow peers become more familiar with California, a few sightseeing trips will be arranged where students can get to know each other better whilst traveling around Southern California.

CO-President Maxine Nelson
CO-President Ellie Jiang
Vice President Maika Urasaki
Secretary Karl Kleppe
Advisor Linda Boberg