Multicultural Programs

Pictured above: Culture & Justice Leadership Retreat for Fall 2013

The Multicultural Programs Office is a part of the Division of Student Affairs and is located in the Student Union Building. The office is open to the entire CLU community as both an educational and a supportive resource.


The mission of the CLU Multicultural Programs Office is to provide the CLU learning community with educational opportunities and multicultural programming that fosters an appreciation for diversity, that increases an understanding of issues of social justice, and that enhances cross-cultural competency and campus inclusiveness while encouraging underrepresented student retention.

Our Approach

Engage: convince students to participate in their own cultural learning and leadership development.

Educate - Facilitate student learning about themselves, others, and the world

Encourage - Stimulate and inspire students to take positive action

Empower - Give students the authority to initiate programs, initiate changes, and to make decisions

Enable - Give students the tools needed to succeed


Annual Cultural Events & Celebrations:

Multicultural Programs and International Student Services welcome collaborations with faculty, other offices, clubs, and organizations to present a variety of cultural events and celebrations throughout the academic year.  As interests change, new events are added and others before fond memories according to the needs of the community.  In addition to the events listed, we are always interested in supporting and participating in events implemented by others across the campus.

International Chapel Service - November

World's Fair - November (in conjunction with USW)

Coming Out Day - October (in conjunction with GSA)

Dia de los Muertos - November (in conjunction with LASO)

Kwanzaa  - December (in conjunction with NAACP Saturday School, BSU, and Afro-Centric Committee of Ventura County)

Las Posadas - December (in conjunction with LASO and Campus Ministries)

Hanukkah - December (in conjunction with Hillel)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel Service and Peace Pole Rededication - January (in conjunction with Campus Ministries)

Chinese New Year - On the actual day (or the Friday preceding if it falls on a weekend)

Black History Month - February (in conjunction with the BSU)

St. Patrick's Day - On the actual day (or the Friday preceding if it falls on a weekend)

Caezar Chevez Day - On the actual day (or the Friday preceding if it falls on a weekend)

Festival de Encuentros Week - April (in conjunction with LASO)

Pride Week - April (in conjunction with GSA)

Hip Hop Showcase - April (in conjunction with H2O)