Sustainability Features and Projects

  • Trinity Hall and the new maintenance facility have a permeable paving system in each parking lot that allows the storm water to filter through the product into the subsurface. Because of the local climate conditions this will be very helpful for containing water storm and maintaining the water table. This allows contaminates to filter through the aggregates installed below the product so that they do not enter the local drain system and contaminate the local waterways.
  • CLU is planning to install a gray water system in the future.
  • One sustainability feature of Trinity Hall is the installation of hand dryers to eliminate the need for paper and to keep paper out of the waste stream.
  • In the pursuit of LEED certification, sustainable materials will be installed in the Swenson Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences and other measures are being taken to meet certification standards.

See the CLU sustainability web page for more details.

Architect Rendering of Swenson Center