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Deborah Erickson, Ed.D.
Professor and Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Education

Phone: (805) 493-3422


Dr. Erickson is currently Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Education at California Lutheran University.  Her responsibilities include curriculum development, assessment, and accreditation as well as oversight of student issues, course scheduling, and staff evaluation.   She has worked at Cal Lutheran since 2002, teaching educational leadership courses in both the masters and doctoral programs.  Prior to working in higher education, Dr. Erickson was the Director of Curriculum and Student Services for the San Carlos School District, working with special education, professional development, charter schools, categorical programs, grants, and hiring of faculty and staff.  She was also a site principal for eight years and taught at the primary level.   She has extensive background in professional development, curriculum, and assessment and has worked as a consultant to urban charter schools.

In 2011, Dr. Erickson was appointed to serve on the Committee on Accreditation, a body of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), the body formally charged with the task of deciding on the continuing accreditation of educator preparation institutions and programs, deciding on the initial accreditation of programs submitted by eligible institutions, and determining the comparability of national or alternative program standards with California standards of educator preparation.  She has served on the CTC Board of Reviewers, and was selected to serve on the CTC California Preliminary Administrative Credentialing Examination (CPACE) development team.  Dr. Erickson was recently elected to the executive board of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration (NCPEA) and was the 2006-07 president of the California Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA).  She served as co-chair of the statewide, jointly sponsored Association of California School Administrators/California Professors of Educational Administration (ACSA-CAPEA) Committee as well as  program chair for the Urban, Teaching, Learning, and Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and has served on many university committees, including Teaching and Learning, Institutional Review Board, and the Faculty Executive Committee.

Dr. Erickson's work has been published in state and national peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences.  She has invited chapters in two jointly sponsored publications between the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) and CAPEA.  She also co-edited their publication, "Quality School Leadership Begins With Quality Preparation Programs: Professors of Educational Administration and Their Students' Professional Administrative Practice"  (Association of California School Administrators, 2006).  Her research interests are in the areas of the principalship, assessment, mentoring, and faculty induction and development. She has chaired eight recent doctoral dissertation committees and been a second reader on fifteen committees.

Dr. Erickson was recently awarded a $300,000 Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) to develop online Clear Credential coursework that helps teachers serve the Latino population and close the achievement gap.