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Julia Lambert Fogg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Religion

Phone: (805) 493-3039


The Rev. Dr. Julia Lambert Fogg is Associate Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity and Chair of the Religion Department at California Lutheran University just outside of Los Angeles. Named Professor of the Year by CLU class of 2008, Fogg is focused on developing innovative, immersive and relational teaching methods, particularly for experiential and transformational learning with students. She utilizes service learning methods to teach both "theory" and "practice" in her courses "Paul's letters," "Global Jesus," and "Liberation Theology," and leads students in immersive learning during a two-week travel seminar to Turkey. In her investigation of Paul’s letters, especially Philippians, Dr. Fogg argues that as Paul understands salvation in terms of a present and future, material and spiritual, social communion between Christ and his followers embodied in their concrete daily practices. This puts community at the center of theology, teaching and learning, and being church in communities. Although Dr. Fogg specializes in Pauline letters, her work on the social and political dynamics of communities draws her into LA life. For five years she preached and presided in a diverse, bi-lingual, immigrant congregation in Pasadena, working with at-risk youth on leadership skills and supporting their educational aspirations. Out of this community experience, she is currently developing a liberation theology for immigrants in Southern California using biblical narratives of border crossing. Dr. Fogg regularly joins with her colleagues at PLTS to re-envision the future of theological education and ways of embodying the emerging church.


  • "Women and the Bible"
  • "Saint Paul"
  • "Jesus' World"
  • "The Apocalypse: What the Bible really means?"