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Cindy A. Lewis
Director of Career Services

Phone: (805) 493-3199


Cindy Lewis, Director of CLU Career Services, has been making presentations on career-related topics for the past 15 years. Before coming to CLU in 2000 she worked with MBA and law school students as well as senior-level candidates. Previous to that she has worked at various career centers. Cindy has worked in Education, Business, non-Profit, and Government. Cindy makes information practical for the audience and everyone leaves with tactics to help them on their quest for career success.


  • "Interviewing for Offers"

    An interactive workshop that prepares you for interviewing with employers. Topics will include traditional and behavioral questions and how to handle panel interviews. Don't let tough questions throw you off. Preparing and knowing how to sell your skills and uniqueness will also be discussed. Tips on securing an offer and how mock interviews can help you gain valuable practice on handling interview questions. We will also cover career portfolios and how to close the interview, including the thank you letter.

  • "Salary Negotiations"

    Do you know what you're worth? Do you even know how to find out? Well, you're not alone. Learn something new and increase your value. Research your worth and know how to respond to salary requests without losing your negotiating power. You can research this topic all you want but practice is essential. Topics will include how to conduct salary research, references for employer/applicant discussions, and diversion/postponement tactics. Additional topics covered will include how to give an employer a salary range, salary history (BEWARE), and alternative forms of compensation (i.e. medical benefits, time off, stock options, etc.)