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Chris Kimball, Ph.D.
President, California Lutheran University

Phone: (805) 493-3100


His scholarly work is in the field of American history, with a specialization in social history and the history of sport. Along with serving as President, he is also a member of the History Department. An alumnus of McGill University, Kimball received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.


  • "Five Things You Can Learn about America from Baseball History"

    An overview of the relationship between baseball and America's history and culture.

  • "Baseball: The International Game"

    A look at the influence of baseball around the world. It's not just an all-American game!

  • "Trends in Higher Education"

    A look at changes and the future programs in universities and colleges with special focus on independent institutions of higher learning

  • "Why Lutheran Higher Education Matters"

    A look at what Lutheran education within the ELCA colleges and universities is all about

  • "The History of CLU: 50 Years of Academic Excellence"

    An overview of the founding of CLU and its journey to become a well-respected university . As CLU celebrates its 50th anniversary, the school continues to grow, to educate leaders for a global society, and to serve numerous communities.