General Policies


Pre-registered students will be billed prior to the start of the semester. Refer to Cost and Payment Options brochure for payment methods. All payments must be received by the beginning of classes. Official registration is complete when fees have been paid.

See Student Accounts for additional fee, tuition, payment, refund and fee reduction information.

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Course selections will be held through the second class meeting only. If you do not attend by the second class meeting, your space may be given to someone else. California Lutheran University reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollments.

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Change Of Schedule

Students who have registered for a class must complete a "Add/Drop" form at the Registrar's Office to drop the course from their schedule. If you use WebAdvisor, a confirmation that your registration has been accepted will be emailed to your CLUNET email address. If at any time, proof is required of a successful change to your enrollment, a copy of the email confirmation will be required. You will not automatically be dropped for non-attendance. There will be a $50.00 transaction fee charged for any Registrar approved change of schedule submitted after the deadline.

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Global Perspective Courses

The Global Perspectives courses are listed in the Core 21 section under Global Perspectives. The Global Perspectives requirement is in effect for students who enter CLU Fall '04 or after. Students entering CLU, between Fall '04 and Spring 10' with 28 credits or more are exempt from the Global Perspectives requirement. Students who entered CLU prior to Fall 2003 who have met the Global Studies requirement are exempt from the Global Perspectives requirement.

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Foreign Language Proficiency Information

All CLU students are required, for CORE 21, to meet the Foreign Language Proficiency in one of the following ways:

  • By achieving a high enough score on a Language Proficiency Exam
  • By passing two courses in the same language
  • By passing one course at the second semester level

For further information contact the Center for Student Success at 493-3260

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Math Placement Exam

All CLU students are required, for CORE 21, to meet the Mathematical Reasoning Proficiency by passing Math 115, 145, 151, 128 or a higher Math equivalent. The appropriate SAT score determines placement into CLU math courses. (See pre-requisites for each individual math course offered in the schedule of classes) For further information contact the Registrar's Office at (805) 493-3105.

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Student Responsibility

The student is responsible for any changes in his/her registration and should make note of add/drop deadlines. Failure to officially withdraw from a class will result in a grade of "UW" (Unofficial Withdrawal) which is equivalent to a grade of 'F' in computing the grade point average. Official withdrawals after the start of classes are assessed a "W" grade. Add/Drops forms may be obtained at the Registrar's Office.

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