Web Advisor Instructions

Go to Web Advisor - Login to your MyCLU Portal

To Register for Classes

  1. Select Web Advisor for Students to view menu
  2. Under Personal Profile, select Address Change to change your home or business address, phone 2. number or email addresses.
  3. Select Registration
  4. Login (see instructions above)
  5. Select term and Subject (optional), Submit
  6. Select courses, Submit
  7. Review Selection Confirmation & Confirm Classes, Submit
  8. Print Registration Results for your records
    Use this process for adding and dropping classes also.

To View Schedule

  1. Select search for classes
  2. Select term (12/WI/A, 12/SP/A, etc.)
  3. Select subject (Business Admin)
  4. Select Academic level
  5. Other search criteria available (optional)
  6. Submit
  7. Print in landscape mode (Directions in 4clu FAQ)

To View Grades and/or GPA

  1. Select Web Advisor for Students
  2. Select Grades
  3. Log out for Security

    a. Login Name is CLU e-mail login: if not known, try:
    (must be in lower case; truncate last name so that total log-in name is 8 characters maximum.)

    • First Initial and last name, or
    • First two letters of first name and last name, or
    • First and middle initial and full last name

    b. Login Password is First name initial and last name initial and last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

  4. Select term, Submit
  5. Log out for Security

In case of technical difficulty, call the Help Desk at (805) 493-3698.