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Evan White ('06)



"Have fun! That is what life is all about...especially when your'e

working. If you don't like the job, why are you doing it? You

don't have to!"



Evan White, who graduated from CLU in May of 2006, is currently the founder of, an online public relations and marketing company. He is also a partner and chief marketing officer for innovative, start-up businesses. One of his newest ventures is an iPhone app company that launched in early November 2009.White consults with celebrities on social media, like Facebook, and next year, White will be getting paid to wear shirts. (

“For 3 years I have helped start up technologies and fun, online projects become better known both online and in the real world,” White said. (Some of Whites most notable projects are listed below.)

Initially, White thought the world of business and politics was his calling. “I came to CLU as a business major. Before I even took a business class, I had added political science, because I thought Mayor Evan had a nice ring to it,” he said. Then he started dating a communication major, and she wanted to take more classes with him. After a while, White found his passion in communication and dropped the business major…as well as the girlfriend.

During his junior year, White found an internship that turned into a lot more. "I

had an internship at a PR company in LA for four days, then I became an account executive, and seven months later I was a senior account executive,” he said. White balanced a corner office, a secretary, a boss, as well as being a full-time student. “I made him tons of money, and learned a lot.”

Most of all, White learned that he would rather work for himself, so a month before he graduated, he quit and started his own company. Now, White works from his home on the beach, travels a lot and meets with a lot of high profile clients. “Starting a company was really hard,” he said, “I failed a lot getting here. Three years later, it is just picking up, and turning into something with a hint of staying power!”

Here are some of the projects Evan has had his hand in making successful:

His friends/clients have:

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