Department of Communication

Lindsey (Rarick, 05) Carnett

CEO, Marketing Maven Public Relations Inc.


"This is the time to really evaluate your likes and dislikes

with every type of job. I would advise any current CLU

student to do as many internships as possible while in

college. You never know who you'll meet or what doors they

can open for you down the road."


Lindsey Carnett, who graduated from CLU in May of 2005, is currently the CEO of a lifestyle and consumer public relations firm called Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. “We're based in Camarillo and have a great internship program with CLU students who want to earn credit and receive job placement in this field after college,” Carnett said.

As a freshman, Carnett thought she wanted to be a biochemistry major with a business administration minor. However, in her sophomore year, she declared a double major in communication and Spanish. Carnett said, “I found communication more relevant to my life. We talked about issues that affected everyone on a daily basis. I also thought this major would open more doors for me.”

Carnett declared advertising and public relations as her emphasis after being introduced to the porfession by a family


member. "I learned about public relations through my aunt who did PR for Cisco Systems and she seemed to have a fun life, was very successful, and still got to be creative,” said Carnett.

After graduating from CLU, Carnett was  managing director of a small PR agency in the San Fernando Valley,  marketing director for a nutrition company based in Sweden, and a public relations and marketing manager for a direct response advertising agency whose accounts included ProActiv, OxiClean, Trojan and other major brands.

After developing the PR division for the direct response advertising agency, Carnett decided to open her own PR firm, Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.

Since Carnett’s PR internship in college turned into a full-time job after graduating, she advises college students to take advantage of the internship opportunities.  

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