Refining my model

As shown graphically in the previous section, we have found a set of numbers that provides us with a working theoretical model of a zoom lens.  Is this the only set of numbers that will work?  Of course not!  There are infinitely many possible combinations of numbers that will produce a model similar to this one.  Finding out which combination will provide us will better results is one potential refinement of my model.  Also, I would like to determine ranges of values that result in positive and negative powers in hopes of better understanding the concepts.

In addition to this, I hope to get the chance to compare these theoretical hypotheses to experimental results by constructing a physical model of my zoom lens.  This shouldn't be too difficult considering the fact that we found a model in which x is independent from y otherwise the gears in zoom mechanism would be pretty difficult to construct.

Are you interested in building your own zoom lens?  If so, click here to access the program which helped me develop my model (you will need Waterloo Maple V Release 5 to run the program).


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