Building a Zoom Lens:  Matrix Methods in Optics

Sean Flaherty

Mathematical Modeling - Spring 2000

Hello there and welcome to the webpage dedicated to my project for Mathematical Modeling.  My name is Sean Flaherty and, for my senior project in Mathematical Modeling, I have chosen to combine some fundamental concepts of both math and physics.  In particular, I am using matrices (Linear Algebra) to represent certain behaviors belonging to the refraction of light (Optics) and then analyzing the results in hopes of developing a theoretical model for a zoom lens.  This having been said, it should come as no surprise to you that the title is Building a Zoom Lens:  Matrix Methods in Optics.  In your navigation through this site, I hope that you will find my project to be informative and, with a little luck, mildly interesting.
Thanks for stopping by!

Properties of a zoom lens
Preliminary information regarding refraction
Description of important matrices
Brief analysis & simplification of terms
Choosing our numbers
Refining my model & link to build your own!


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