Mathematics Department


Graduates of 1979

Allan Spies, Executive President and Chief Financial Officer, U S WEST

Allan Spies graduated from California Lutheran University in 1970, after earning a bachelor's degree in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. After graduating, Mr. Spies enrolled in Pace University, where he earned a master's degree in Management Science.

Mr. Spies is now the executive vice president and chief financial officer for U S WEST, Multimedia Communications, a division of U S WEST Media Group.

These degrees have enabled Mr. Spies to gain experience in network operations, product and market management, and state regulatory affairs. Mr. Spies has also participated in many finance field and corporate functions, where he represented his firm as business unit Chief Financial Officer in the retail organization as well as the wholesale organization.

Mr. Spies has had a great number of positions at U S WEST including Operations, Marketing, Public Policy, and Finance. While serving as the vice president and chief financial officer, Mr. Spies' responsibilities included leading the financial aspects of domestic cable mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, which include U S WEST's interest in Time Warner Entertainment. Now, as the executive vice president, Mr. Spies oversees the financial strategies and operations of the firm.

Possessing a background in Mathematics, Physics and Management Science, Mr. Spies has achieved great success in developing improved processes, analysis and resource utilization techniques.

Graduates of 1979

Mark Janeba, Chairman of the Mathematics Department, Williamette University

Mark Janeba graduated from California Lutheran University in 1979, after earning a Bachelor's of Science from the Mathematics Department. Upon graduating from CLU, Mr. Janeba entered the Ph.D. program at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he graduated in 1983 with a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Has has taught courses at St. Mary's College, Colorado College and Williamette University in Salem, Oregon.

>He now holds the position of Chairman of the Mathematics Department at Williamette University, where he began teaching in 1986. While attending CLU, Dr. Janeba took Math courses from Dr. David Johnson and Dr. Lyle Sladek, and he utilizes their lessons in the classroom regularly. He also took Physics and Computer Science classes from Dr. Ted Nichols, and courses from Dr. Bill Buth of the CLU History Department, who raised Dr. Janeba's interests and encouraged him to follow the career paths that he has chosen.

Dr. Janeba lives in Salem, Oregon with his wife MaryLou, who also is a CLU graduate, and their two children.

Graduates of 1981

Greg Korshavn, Math Department at Westlake High School

Greg Korshavn graduated from California Lutheran University in May of 1981, with a degree in Mathematics. During both his junior and senior years at CLU he was the Mathematics Departmental Assistant.

Upon graduating Mr. Korshavn completed his student teaching through CLU's education program in one semester, and was immediately offered a full time teaching position at Sequoia Intermediate School in Newbury Park.

In the fall of 1982, Mr. Korshavn took a teaching position at Westlake High School where he has been educating students ever since. He teaches the higher-level math courses, including Advanced Placement Calculus, Integrated Mathematics I and Integrated Mathematics III.

In May of 1996, he received his Masters in Mathematics from California State University Northridge in the VIZ-Math program which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Mr. Korshavn has received many honors for his contributions to Mathematics. In May of 1995 he was named the Outstanding Mathematics Educator by the Ventura County Mathematics Council. In 1997 he was named the Teacher of the Year for Gifted and Talented Students by the Tri-Counties Gifted and Talented Association. In September 1998 Mr. Korshavn was recognized as the Distinguished Teacher of the Month by the Thousand Oaks/Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.

For three years Mr. Korshavn has been a secondary mathematics mentor teacher for the Conejo Valley Unified School District. Mr. Korshavn has chosen Conejo Valley as his home, and has lived there since his freshman year at CLU. He now lives in Thousand Oaks, with his wife Linda and their daughter Shawna, where he continues to share his mathematical abilities all over the community.