The Equation

            The equation can be dealt with on the most simplest of levels, or can
            be expanded to include all the different factors that apply.  In the most
            general form it reads:

                 Lbs.= weight of the person in pounds
                 xx = gender factor; .58 for males
                                                                .49 for females
                                                                values can vary based on leaness of individual
            A.A. = alcohol amount;  found from amount of alcohol * drinks
            M = metabolized amount; figures found from chart based on tolerance
                    times the number of hours since starting to drink
        Variables for different factors:
            Females:  0.806 can change from 0.75 (fourth week of cycle) to
            0.90 (third week of cycle)
            Asians: Don't subtract off M (metabolism)
            Mixed Drinks: Use alcohol amount calulated with dilutions
            Carbonated Beverages: for rough estimate mulitply 23.36 * 1.5
            Foods:  Use high estimate of 80% alcohol to blood;
                         0.80 * 23.36