Food can actually affect your blood alcohol level, if it is the RIGHT
            foods and it is done BEFORE drinking occurs.  Once foood enters
            your body, there is nothing you can do to change  the rate it is going
            to leave your body.  But before it enters is a whole different story.

            Foods that are higher in fats and proteins are known to absorb more and
            sit in your stomach longer than most foods.  It takes the stomach the
            longest to breakdown these foods.   Therefore, theoretically, alcohol
            should absorb into these foods instead of entering the bloodstream.

            And they do actually do this.  Well, some of it.  Only 25% at most of
            ehtanol can be absorbed ito the stomach and not into the bloodstream.
            This number is also a high estimate, especially for women.  The
            enzymes for men are about 4 times stronger than women.

            This means that it is possible to lower your blood alcohol by at most
            25%.  This can cause sugnificant changes in your final result though,
            and can help keep you from getting sick.