Mixed Drinks

      Mixed drinks can also affect the absorption of alcohol into the system.
              There are two different kinds of mixed drinks, those with carbonation
              and those without.  They both have very different effects on blood
              alcohol levels.

        Non-Carbonated Mixers
             These are going to be the drinks mixed with either plain water or juices.
              By drinking these types of mixed drinks it is actually possible to have a
              lower blood alcohol than drinking the straight shot.  The secret is that
              these drinks are being diluted and the alcohol concentration is going.
             There is also an assumption that the time to drink a 6 oz. mixed drink
              is longer than the time for a 1.5 oz. shot.

              The dilution of the mixed drink can be calcualted by simply using

C1 V1 = C2 V2
               For a simple mixed drink, with one shot of alcohol, and 5 ozs. of
               juice, the concentration can be lowered from a concentration of 0.6
               to 0.138 ozs.  A considerable diffence when calculating levels.

       Carbonated Mixers
              These would be drinks mixed with carbonated beverages, such as
               soda or tonic water.  These actually have an adverse effect to what
               you want in your blood alcohol level.  The carbonation actually
               speeds up the absorption of the alcohol.  So you will actually feel the
               effects of the alcohol faster.  It will also affect your blood alcohol
               level at a faster and higher rate.  I have yet to determine this rate
               exactly, but I know it can change by no more than a factor of two.
               The most important thing to remember is that it will have an impact.