Racial Background

Asian / Native American

        Asians and Native Americans of Asian descent are in a very peculiar
          situatuion when it comes to alcohol. They are missing a critical
          enzyme used in the breakdown of alcohol.  When the alcohol
          (ethanol) enters the body, it is changed into acetaldehyde, which is
          more toxic to the body than alcohol.  It is then broken down form
          there into, eventually carbon dioxide and water.  Unfortuantely, the
          enzyme that does this step is missin in most Asians.

          This basically means that the burnoff that is calculated in the blood
          alcohol content does not apply to most Asians and Native Americans.
          Instead the alcohol will stay and continue to circulate in their body.
          This causes more drastic negative effects, (nausea, redness of  face,
          blackouts), than the average drinker.