Sex And Weight


     It is a known fact that men can drink more than women and usually feel
      it less.  There are several reasons for this to occur.  The first is that
      men, on average weigh more than females.  This means that
      their bodies will be able to store more alcohol than
      females just based by their pure size.

      Another important factor is that men have a high proportion of muscle
      tissue to fatty tissue.  Muscle tissue contains more bodily fluids than
      fatty tissues, which when concerned with blood alcohol levels, is
      very important.  Through sountless amounts of research, that other
      people have done, the amount of water in the male body has been
      calculated to 58% of their weight.  This has become known as the
      gender factor.


     Women on the other hand have more fatty tissue than muscle so the
       percentage of water in the body is much smaller than a man's.  The
       gender factor for a female is 49%.  Both of these gender factors are
       experimentally found averages for men and women. They can vary
       from person to person, especially based on how built and lean a
       certain person is.

       There is also variation in blood alcohol levels based on where a female
        is in her monthly cycle.  The biggest changes occur during the third
        and the fourth week.  The third week is generally characterized by
        water retention and high estrogen levels.  This can change the vlaue
        of how much water is in the bidy.  This becomes the C, or cycle,
        variable in the final equation.

        The fourth week will cause this same variable to decrease, thus
        causing more alcohol to acheive the same effects.