Traffic Control


          My name is Ramon Orozco and I was required by my math professor Dr. Cindy Wyels to create a web page containing my senior mathematical modeling reaserch project.  You may think this  is an obligation since this is part of my grade but in reality it is not.  It is actually really cool finding all the different graphics and animations to put in your web site.
       As you probably figured out by now my senior mathematical modeling project dealt with what are the determing factors when it comes to the installation of a stop sign and a signal light.  When are there to many cars for a stop sign and not enough cars for a signal light?  My web page is set up in chronological order so you can follow each step I did.  I hope you find my mathematical project interesting I know I did.

 #1 Question Asked?                         #2 Strategy                                              #3 Background

 #4 Things We Know                        #5 Assumptions                                       #5 Description of Code

 #7 Analysis                                      #8 Summary                                             #9 References

I'd like to give special thanks to math and physics faculty at California Lutheran University (random order) Dr. Wyels, Dr. Stanley, Dr.Tong, Prof. Lofstock, and the newcomer to the group Dr. Fogel.  I know without you I could have never done it.  Thank you for all your help.  I would like to thank my family my mom, my dad, Manuel, Maria and Max.  Thanks for all the support and encouragement.  Last but definitely not least my friends.  There are so many of you guys and girls that it would be very difficult to name all of you so I'll name you by group:  C.L.U. baseball, C.L.U. math lab frequenters (Nicole, Sean, Becky,Sarah, Matt), SSS(Doreen,Patty, Victor, Kenny), San Fernando High buddies, L.A. Mission Baseball and of course my roommates who have put up with me for the last 2 years thanks Marco, Omar and (O.O.C.) Chandler(part-time).  Of course I cannot leave out the LOVE OF MY LIFE "mi hermosa Debbie" you make it all worth while (Fight On! Baby).