Theatre Arts Programs & Events

Course Descriptions

Lower Division:

TA 101 Introduction to the Theatrical Arts (4)
A fundamental survey of the theatre arts that explores playwriting, criticism, direction, acting, and technical and design aspects from concept to production. The class emphasizes the ways gender and diversity issues haveaffected and continue to affect theatre. Examine syllabus. Examine sample course schedule

TA 131 Beginning Acting (4)
An introduction to the fundamental techniques of acting as a basis for developing oral and physical communication skills. Individual and group participation is emphasized.

TA 133 Acting I (4)
Emphasizes the study of external and internal approaches to characterization; students participate in the analysis and performance of monologues and scenes. For majors, minors
or students with acting experience. Acting Evaluation Rubric

TA 160 Production Lab - Costumes (1)
An introduction to the tools and materials used in the production of costumes for the stage. Involves significant participation in the technical phase of stage production.

TA 161 Production Lab - Scenery (1)
An introduction to the tools and materials used in the production of scenery and props for the stage. Involves significant participation in the technical phase of stage production.

TA 162 Production Lab - Sound/Lighting (1)
An introduction to the tools and equipment used in the production of sound and lighting for the stage. Involves significant participation in the technical phase of stage production.
Prerequisites: 160, 161, or 167.

TA 163 Production Lab - Makeup (1)
Students explore the basic concepts and techniques of makeup used on stage and in media through lectures and practice and work on university productions.

TA 167 Design and Productin for the Stage and Media (4)
An introduction to the theories and practices of design and production for the stage and in
the studio, including venue structures, design conceptualization and drawing, color theory,
visual styles, basic CAD

TA 232 The Oral Interpretation of Theatre (4)
A study of literature from the point of view of the oral reader. The course is designed to aid students in their appreciation of prose, poetry, and drama.

Upper Division:

TA 305 Playwriting (4)
This workshop course focuses on basic playwriting skills, with an emphasis on mastering
plot, character, and dialogue development. Students will write and revise an original piece (cross-listed with English 305).

TA 325 History of the Theatrical Arts (4)
A survey of forms and styles of theatre production in all world cultures from primitive periods through the 19th century and modern Asia and Africa. Examine syllabus

TA 331 Advanced Scene Study (4)
Advanced study of acting approaches focusing on 19th and 20th century plays. Students will analyze characters and perform scenes from selected realistic plays.
Prerequisite: 131or 133. Acting Evaluation Rubric

TA 332 Introduction to Improvisation (1)
An introduction to the principles of improvisation as applied to acting technique. Students will perform comedy and serious improvisation.

TA 333 Acting Styles (4)
Intensive work in acting styles from various theatrical periods, including Greek, Shakespeare, Restoration, 20th century, and Avant-Garde.
Prerequisites: 131 or 133 or consent of instructor. Acting Evaluation Rubric

TA 334 Stage Speech (2)
The class will focus on the principles of vocal production for the stage, including alignment,
respiration, phonation, resonance, and articulation. In addition, students will become familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet, and utilize it for dialect work.
Prerequisite:131 or 133.

TA 335 Movement for the Stage (2)
The study of the theories, applications and practices of body awareness, direction and movement as applied by actors in a variety of theatrical styles.
Prerequisite: 131 or 133.

TA 337 Dance for Music Theatre (2)
This course provides students the opportunity to learn and perform dance styles most common to musical theatre. Tap, jazz, character and basic partnering will be choreographed into three or four dances that will be performed at the end of the course. Course will also cover the history of dance in musical theatre in America.
Prerequisite: Previous dance experience. (cross-listed with Music 337)

TA 342 History of Drama (4)
A survey of dramatic literature from the beginnings of Greek tragedy to the rise of realism in the 19th century. Among the periods represented are Classical Greek, the Spanish Golden Age, the English Renaissance, 17th century France and the Romantic Period. (Cross-listed with English 342)

TA 343 Modern Drama (4)
A survey of dramatic literature from the rise of realism in the 19th century to the triumph and decline of modernism. Among the playwrights represented are Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, Shaw, Pirandello, and Brecht. (crosslisted with English 343)

TA 360 Advanced Production lab (1)
Involves significant participation in the supervision and execution of scenery, costumes, props, sound, lights, or publicity in a University production
Prerequisite: 160 or 161.

TA 365 Makeup Design I for Stage and Media (2)
Students explore the concepts of corrective makeup design through lecture and practice.

TA 366 Makeup Design II for Stage and Media (2)
Students explore the concepts of character and special effects makeup design through
lecture and practice.

TA 367 Light/Sound Design for Stage and Media (4)
The study of lighting and sound as art forms with an emphasis on design concepts. Practical
explorations of theories of light, color, and sound; the technology of production and control as applied to designing for the stage and media.
Prerequisite: 167 or consent of instructor.

TA 368 Scenic Design for Stage and Media (4)
Presents problems in scenic design, painting, perspective, and execution of models and working drawings.
Prerequisite: 167 or consent of instructor.

TA 369 Costume Design for Stage and Media (4)
A practical study of costumes for the stage. The course examines the history of clothing design, color theory, rendering techniques and design process from concept to execution.
Students also explore the concepts of theatrical makeup and design through lecture and practice. Prerequisite: 167 or consent of instructor. (cross-listed with Art 369)

TA 370 Acting for Musical Theatre (2)
Musical Theatre Workshop is designed to develop a technique for musical solo and audition
performances. The course will include song analysis, an acting approach to song and choice of material and technique. (cross-listed with Music 370)

TA 420 Perspectives on Theatrical Performance (3)
Analyzes the elements of the well-made play through readings, lectures, discussion and attendance of at least one production. Students examine the collaborative process of theatre.

TA 431 Advanced Improvisation Techniques (1)
The course is an advanced course in techniques and theories of improvisation. Students will hone improvisational skills in games and exercises and prepare for monthly performances. Audition/Permission of instructor required.

TA 432 Acting Shakespeare (1)
This course is an advanced study of Shakespeare for actors. Students will develop an understanding of preparing Shakespearean characters and text for audition and performance.
Prerequisite: 133 or permission of instructor.

TA 433 Acting for the Camera (4)

Acting for the Camera provides students with techniques applicable to film and television
performance. Students will apply skills to hands-on experience in front of the camera. Topics will include audition techniques, subtleties between film, television and commercial performance, and methods for transitioning from stage to camera.
Prerequisite: 131 or133.

TA 440 Creative Dramatics for Children and Youth (3)
Surveys the techniques and resources for children to express themselves through informal dramatics within the classroom or recreational situation.
Prerequisite: Education 335 or consent of instructor. (cross-listed with Education 440)

TA 451 Creative Project/Portfolio (1)
A faculty supervised and reviewed demonstration of significant theatrical creative work in portfolio, production or showcase format. Senior Theatre Arts majors only.

TA 452 Shakespeare (4)
A study of selected plays and the sonnets of Shakespeare, with attention to theatrical, cultural and literary background. (cross-listed with English 452)

TA 475 Directing I (4)
The study of stage direction theory, play analysis, directorial practices and interpretation. Emphasis is placed on preparation and direction of scenes for class performance.

TA 477 20th-Century Theatre (Capstone) (4)
Further intense study of directing and dramaturgy for the stage covering 20th century
drama. Included is the preparation and direction of a scene for class presentation. Examine Syllabus

TA 482 Selected Topics (3-4)

TA 485 Seminar (3)

TA 490 Independent Study (1-4)

TA 492 Internship